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    In 1853, USA, Levi's invented "woven denim".From then on denim has been popular around the world as a fashion.
    In 2002, China, Dedicating to innovation and adhering to the century-old denim culture, combining with the characters of knitted fabric ,ZhongHeng Technology invented “Knitted denim”, opening a new chapter for denim fabric.
    Denim was born to hardworking people of the west. As the time going, individualities of patch、painting、tear、divulsion have becoming new expressionS of ?young people. Intelligent ZhongHeng’s people linked denim and knitted fabric together, Knitted denim is a perfect combination of them. It is not only fabric、cloth, but also a fashion with rough and delicate.
    As the founder of knitted denim, ZhongHeng Technology will bring a more brilliant future.
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